All Saints Catholic Middle and High School

Bay City, MI
6-8, 9-12
All Saints Catholic Middle and High School School, 217 Monroe St.,  Bay City

Welcome to All Saints Catholic Middle School and High School!

All Saints Catholic is a private Catholic School, with supportive parish communities, involved and caring parents, and dedicated staff, all contributing to the growth of our students. We offer families and their students a faith-based education, a welcoming environment, high academic standards, vibrant athletics and fine arts programs, and an excellent teaching staff. Over the past 10 years, greater than 95% of graduating classes began their journey in the college/university setting. 

At All Saint Catholic, faith underscores everything we do. We are informed by the Bible, and guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Above all, we believe in fostering real-world Catholic values that set students up for successful relationships, work, life, and community involvement.

We empower our students to express their true selves in a safe, Christ-centered environment. By providing prayerful emotional support, love, and encouragement, our staff and leaders prioritize each student’s passions and interests.

We are committed to a strong program of Catholic faith development, Christian service, academic excellence, and student activities. Contact us at (989) 892-2533 or visit us online to learn more or schedule a tour today!

Sister Maria José Perez, RSM
Assistant Principal

Mission Statement

All Saints Catholic nurtures academic and personal excellence in all students while emphasizing Catholic values, discipleship, and service to others in Christ’s name.

Vision Statement

All Saints Catholic will continue to provide a welcoming, faith-filled and nurturing environment that feeds the mind, body and spirit of all students, now and in the future. 


We will:
• Keep Christ at the center of each school day through our commitment to mass, prayer, academics, service and extra-curricular activities.
• Hold each student to the highest expectations so that they are well prepared to succeed in college and in life.
• Hire and retain staff members who dedicate themselves to Catholic Education as a vocation.
• Prioritize faith education and integrate it throughout the curriculum.
• Observe and model spirituality, morality, and the values of humility, compassion, and selflessness.
• Cultivate a supportive and compassionate atmosphere where family values are reinforced.
• Foster an environment in which students and staff members encourage and support one another. 


The Catholic Faith is at the core of our mission to educate a generation of courageous and compassionate individuals. Each day, our dedicated staff and leaders create opportunities for our students to encounter Christ. Above all, our hope is to form true and intentional disciples of Christ.  At All Saints Catholic, our students follow a rigorous curriculum rooted in faith. Each classroom and subject is built on a curriculum that puts God at the center of learning. We view our local parishes as extensions of our schools and collaborate with clergy in their mission of glorifying God and the salvation of souls.

Holy Mass is a vital part of the All Saints Catholic experience. Each week, students and staff have the privilege to receive the Word of God and worship Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, the Source and Summit of Christianity. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass fosters a relationship with the real Person of Jesus Christ, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We also recognize parents as a child’s most significant educators and know that the most fruitful Catholic education is rooted in a steadfast domestic church. “The family is, so to speak, the domestic church.” (Lumen Gentium #11) All Saints Catholic incorporates the domestic church into the school environment. Parents and additional family members are encouraged to get involved with in-school and extracurricular events, as school and family life come together. 

In addition, we teach students that serving others is a key part of Catholic life, require a commitment of service each year from our students throughout our community and within our local parishes. By the end of high school, students average well over 100 hours of service.


Middle School

In grades 6-8, All Saints Catholic teachers and staff are focused on supporting students as they grow to become more engaged and disciplined learners.

Throughout middle school, staff, teachers, and leadership work to build a solid foundation for personal success at the high school level. During these years, educators work to deepen student knowledge, guide and prepare students for standardized testing, and equip students with tools for academic study and mastery.


High School

At Bay City Catholic High School, maturing students discover their passions, as faculty offer opportunities to develop and practice critical thinking skills for use in higher education or careers. 

This is a time of exciting achievements and academic challenges that will prepare your student for life beyond the classroom. The focus on the integral formation of each student (in the four pillars of human, intellectual, spiritual, and apostolic) allows All Saints Catholic to stand out in providing a personalized experience for each student.

We keep our class sizes small and our lesson plans personalized, meaning your child receives focused attention from highly educated, dedicated faculty. You’ll find faith at the core of a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for college and careers, and supported by standardized test prep, co-op experiences, and career-centered training.


At All Saints Catholic, we foster a well-rounded experience that encourages each student to explore their passions. Our staff supports your child in their personal development as they grow in their confidence and faith.


Competitive Athletics

All Saints Catholic offers 19 sports (at the middle school and high school level) and teams travel state- and region-wide for competitive events. Participating in athletics builds character for life, and, for some, offers a pathway to scholarships and participation at the college level. Athletes experience things that only a smaller school can offer, such as transparent team communication, authentic brother/sisterhood, collaboration with other schools via co-op opportunities, and more.

Competition builds character, and at All Saints, athletics are open to students of all ages. The ASC coaching staff not only emphasizes the rules of the sport but also impress the importance of developing personal values and goals while maintaining Christian ideals.

Our students are encouraged to try new sports. Students who might not “make the team” at other schools go on to excel in multiple sports at All Saints, while also participating in extracurriculars like theater and music. This results in well-rounded individuals with leadership skills.

With more district championships than any other school in Bay County, we continue to guide future leaders in our strong athletic program. We consistently have had above 80% sports participation among all our students.


Creative Expression

Creative expression provides unique outlets for students to enhance their educational experience through visual arts, performance, and music. The arts are offered to students of all ages. 80% of our students choose to participate in clubs and other extracurricular experiences. From theater to service to STEM, student organizations encourage your child to explore new interests while developing lifelong skills and confidence. 


Middle School Clubs

  • Student Council
  • Pro-life Club
  • Drama
  • LEGO Robotics (grade 6)


High School Clubs

  • National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Student Council
  • Pro-life Club
  • Yellow Ribbon Society
  • Drama
  • Chess Club
  • Equestrian Club


100% Graduation Rate
100+ Service hours for high schoolers
80% of our students are involved in athletics and extracurriculars
$51,715 in scholarships awarded on average
1/9 Teacher/Student Ratio
Affordable tuition based on income
6-8, 9-12

217 S. Monroe St.
Bay City, MI 48708
United States